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We are innovative bike enthusiasts

Welcome to the binova family – home to your e-drive.

We are designers, engineers, software developers and other specialists. Most importantly we are bike enthusiasts and proud of our binova flow, the world´s first gearless and maintenance-free mid drive.

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  • passion
  • Innovative capacity
  • authenticity
  • reliability

Katja Soehner-Bilo


Katja is our CEO. Very experienced in the fields of development and production, she passionately leads our team. At any time, Katja stays determined and pragmatic.

Susann Schlenkrich


Susan is our first contact for distributers and OEMs. As our head of marketing, she will inform you about news, products and events on a regular basis.

+49 351 213320330

Michael Zaumseil


Michael is our chief engineer. As a daily cyclist, he raises the bar when it comes to high quality standards, looking at every single detail. This is why he is responsible for engineering and design.

+49 351 213320355

Christian Kandler

Technical support

Christian is our first contact for your technical requests. He leads the binova production and will support you with any technical issue, that may occur.

+49 351 213320331

Maximilian Frydetzki

Electronics and Software Development

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