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Get your unique binova product warranty.


For your new binova flow, we have combined premium materials within the world’s first gearless and maintenance-free mid drive for bicycles. Due to the absence of spare – and wear parts, plus the incorporation of high quality components, we can offer our unique binova product warranty. Within Germany, we will replace your drive unit in a maximum time of 48 hours.

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  • Battery: 30 months*
  • Display (by law): 24 months*
  • Bottom bracket (by law): 24 months*
  • E-drive unit: 36 months*
  • *always starting on the date of purchase.

Binova flow passed the test!

Since 1992 ExtraEnergy performs independent tests for Pedelec and E-Bikes. They established themselves as one of the most important organisation for information, consumer protection and promotion of light electric vehicles (LEVs) worldwide.

You can upload our profiles to your system at all times. Thanks to the included software you can freely change your needs, without compromising the natural cycling assistance.


Our e-drive is a permanent synchronous machine. Two rotor disks, lying outside, rotate relatively to the stator, placed at the centre of the drive. We have engineered the stator, to be made up of numerous small segments with air space in between. All components of the drive are merged, using injection moulding, leaving them encapsulated. Our unique control guarantees a soundless operation. Since the drive is torque-controlled, the cycling assistance relates to your pedal force.

  • Compatible with Energybus
  • Permanent synchronous machine
  • 250 W-engine
  • support up to 25 km/h
  • Max. Torque of > 65 Nm
  • Binova flow bottom bracket
  • Integrated sensor technology
  • Fitted attachment to frame
  • The quietest electronic drive unit
  • Weight 6 kg
  • Fitted crank
  • Optional shifting sensor


We have engineered our accumulator technology in close coordination with our producer. Depending on the type of your bike and your personal preferences, you can choose between a frame-mounted or a rack-mounted battery. Their performance matches our drive and operational profiles. Due to the integrated battery level display, you will always know how much capacity is left.

  • Voltage 36 V
  • Capacity 11,6 Ah - 16,0 Ah
  • Frame- mounted, or rack-mounted battery
  • Integrated battery level display
  • 2 A charger
  • Frame-mounted battery 11,6 Ah - 417 Wh – Range 110 km
  • Frame-mounted battery 16,0 Ah – 576 Wh – Range 180 km
  • Rack-mounted battery 12,8 Ah – 460 Wh – Range 120 km

Display with remote

The Marquardt display shows a clear arrangement. Due to the three button control, you will intuitively operate your drive at any time, without being distracted in traffic. The light-up display allows you to check all parameters during the day, as well as at night. You can always detach your display and store it burglar-proof.

  • Speed and average speed
  • Remaining battery power and personal performance in Watts
  • Date, time and running time
  • Overall, accomplished and remaining distance
  • compatible with Energybus
  • Three button operated display on handlebars
  • Push assistance with 4 different speeds
  • Light-up Display
  • Integrated charging function for Smartphones
  • Four assistance speeds
  • Assisted start

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a helmet, license or insurance for an electrical bicycle?

For a pedelec, meaning an electric bicycle with pedal-dependent support up to 25 km/h, none of the three things mentioned is required. (This is also true for models with starting assistance up to 6 km/h). In general, we recommend wearing a helmet!

What is the difference between eBike, pedelec and s-pedelec?

Pedelec describes a bicycle which is powered by muscle power and a supporting electronic motor. This motor is only activated when the pedals are turned. In this case, the motor support is limited to a maximum of 250 Watts and a maximum speed of 25 km/h. On an eBike, on the other hand, the motor powers the bicycle even when the rider doesn't pedal. On an S-pedelec, on the other hand, the support doesn't stop until 45 km/h. According to German traffic rules, eBikes and s-pedelecs are not bicycles, but instead mopeds. These require an insurance license plate and the rider requires a moped license. Usage of bicycle paths is forbidden for these types of vehicles, as well as attaching child carriers and trailers.

You want to transport your eBike with your car. What should you bear in mind?

Please keep the maximum weight of your bike rack in mind. When you remove the battery from the frame and transport it in the interior of the vehicle, you protect your battery from environmental factors and reduce the load on your bike rack.

Can I perform the conversion myself?

Installation is performed by authorized dealers, in order to ensure the safety of the final customers.

Do I need to ride until the battery is completely empty before I recharge it?

No, that isn't necessary. The battery can be recharged at any time, so that you always have the full capacity available to continue riding. This does not result in any additional wear on the battery.

What is pushing assistance?

Pushing assistance allows for motor support up to 6 km/h. When pushing assistance is used, the pedals rotate.

How do I charge my battery?

Fully charge the battery before its first operation! The battery can be charged either directly on the bicycle or separated from the bicycle. To access the charging socket, open the closure cap and connect the charging plug of the battery charger. After you have connected the charger with the battery, connect the charger to the wall socket using the plug. While the battery is charging, the indicator on the battery glows red; as soon as the battery is fully charged, the indicator lights up in green.

What influences the range of the bicycle?

The range is dependent on several factors, including the pedaling speed, weight of the rider, environmental factors, the selected level of support, terrain characteristics, and frequent starting and stopping such as in urban traffic.

Is the system customizable?

The color of the system is customizable.

Can I shift gears while using the system?

Yes. Only with hub gears it is important to be careful not to pedal while shifting. The additional installation of a shifting sensor makes shifting more pleasant, as the performance of the motor is momentarily turned off, sparing the gear and the chain.

Can I also ride my electrical bicycle without motor support?

Without motor support an electrical bicycle can be ridden like a normal bicycle. You can turn the support off via the display.

Can the battery be charged when riding downhill?

No, due to the design of the system this is not possible, as the motor is decoupled from the pedals by a freewheel.

Up to what speed does the system support me?

The system supports you up to 25 km/h in accordance with legal requirements. At higher speeds, the motor support is turned off. By pedaling harder, you can also ride faster, just as with a normal bicycle.

Where can I buy the system?

In the future, a list of all authorized dealers will be available on our webpage

Does the motor make sounds?

The motor is extremely quiet, as it has no gearbox.

Is the eBike technology safe?

The system is very safe, as it is only activated when you pedal. That means that there is no risk that the system becomes independent or accelerates when you do not want it to.

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